San Francisco de Campeche

The official name is “San Francisco de Campeche”. The airport has the international code of “CPE”. Campeche can be reached by plane from Mexico City (approx. 1hour 20 minutes). You can also land in Cancun (airport code “CUN”), and form there to Campeche by bus (approx. 5 hours). Another option is to arrive to Merida by plane (airport Merida-Rejon, code “MID”) and from there by bus to Campeche (approx. 2 hours). There are a large amount of flights between Mexico City, Cancun and Merida.


Campeche offers a tremendous amount of hotels. These hotels are from very expensive to budget and/or hostal hotels. You are free to select your own hotel. We have negotiated a particular price with “Hotel Gamma Malecon (more known as former “Hotel del Mar”). We strongly recommend you to stay at the Hotel Gamma Malecon because they are offering all of us a special price. In addition it is located close to all tourist attractions and walking distance from the Convention Center.

To receive a special price, use the code: G1B49B@GCA



Telephone: 01 800 504 5000

Website: http://www.fiestamericana.com/es/grupos_reservacion

Closing Date: 10 de septiembre del 2018

The name of the Hotel is Hotel Gamma de Fiesta Inn (former Hotel del Mar)

  • a) Please mail to: ventas1@gammacampeche.com
  • b) In your email specify your full name (First Name + Family Name); arrival date, departure date.
  • c) Please specify if you need SINGLE or DOUBLE room.
  • d) Add the title “International Symposium Satellites
  • e) Add also the special code: G1B49B@GCA
Hotel Name Promotions Includes
GAMMA HOTELS Single Room: $ 1,431.63 MXN
Double Room: $ 1,658.26 MXN
Vacancy depends of the occupation, 16% IVA and 2% ISH
Buffet Breakfast and includes 16% IVA and 15% of service
Tips for Bellboys
Tips for maids

Price per night, No commissionable. *Children 12 years old pay normal rate

About Campeche and Weather

Campeche, a Mexican state on the Yucatán Peninsula, spans limestone hills, rainforests and Gulf of Mexico beaches. Campeche-city is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful capitals in the country. UNESCO named it as a model of a colonial baroque city planning. Additionally, it was recognized as a World Heritage Site. In the surroundings there are a large amount of Maya archaeological sites, out of which 16 are opened to the public, including Calakmul, the largest Maya city that has ever been discovered.

(Desarrollo Económico, Turismo y Competitividad. H. Ayuntamiento Campeche)

The UNESCO Man and Biosphere reserve of Calakmul is one of the largest protected areas in Mexico, The area is home to 5 of the 6 large cats that are native to Mexico. This includes its small but healthy population of jaguars as well as jaguarundis, ocelots, pumas and margays.

Campeche is a place that will not only enable the discussion about natural and cultural sites, at the International Symposium, but it is the place of national heritage: old houses, churches and cathedrals, forts, warehouses, lighthouses, and among all these the extraordinary haciendas. Understandable, jointly with such a rich a unique intangible heritage, Campeche has its own people “los Campechanos”.

The richness of the tropical forest biodiversity is converted into a large variety of unique local dishes, some might be very spicy. The local handcraft offers all types of products and, local dances with traditional dresses, are the best way to start the afternoon. The weather in September will be warm and nice (tropical forest weather). Participants are suggested to wear light casual clothes. Around midday the sun might hit severely, wearing a hat/cap is recommended.

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