Call for Papers

All papers presented at the International Symposium will be published at the Scientific Journal of COESICYDET (The State Council for Scientific Research and Technological Development for the State of Campeche (in Spanish COESICYDET)).
Please submit an abstract (no later than 15th of August) following the guidelines explained in this web page.

The abstract should be no longer than one A4 format, in English or Spanish.

  • Explain how your work make a contribution in the Symposium
  • Your abstract must to be no more than one page in format A4
  • The authors have to write the name, institute, address and e-mail

Papers to be presented will cover the following themes:

  • Using space technologies for the management and monitoring of protected areas
  • Assistance to archaeological research
  • Assistance towards sustainability
  • Monitoring biodiversity habitat
  • Support to educational packages
  • Support to the UN Agenda 2030
  • Problems found and lessons learnt while managing a heritage site
  • Another topic related with the Symposium

Instructions: Please prepare your abstract in the format requiered in this website, upload the document in WORD format (.docx)

Format Example

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